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Weekend wallpapers: Lighter side of winter

In the part of the world where I live, winter is mostly dreary: cloudy days, with temperatures just above freezing, rain, chilly wind. A few weeks of snow cover (a few centimetres deep) are promised to us by the climate statistics, but in subjective experience it’s much rarer than that. And especially rare are days like this weekend, when a few flakes of snow fall on a windless day. A good occasion to rediscover the beauty of one’s own backyard dressed in a very picturesque cover.


Spider lilies: Starting a collection?

Fascinating flowers in Japan! A few weeks ago I saw–and photographed–Spider Lilies or Higanbana for the first time, and for all I knew, they were red.

Red higanbana

Yesterday, I found a bunch of white ones though. Starting a collection?

White higanbana

Wikipedia mentions white spider lilies as a natural hybrid: Lycoris × albiflora (White Spider Lily) Koidz. (natural hybrid, parentage uncertain). For the record, these grew by the roadside in Nagoya. The red ones had been photographed a week ago in Higashihiroshima.