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Photo quotes

Here’s a link to 25 famous quotes about photography.

If you don’t read Dutch, don’t worry and just skip to the quotes–they’re all in English. (Though I bet Henri Cartier-Bresson’s must have been French in the original).


Weekend wallpapers: Thinking of spring in Ameland

Winter is finally beginning in this part of the world, it seems (at least for a week, a little bit). Yet it makes me think of spring, and somehow a spring holiday at the Dutch island of Ameland came to mind, where we stayed for a week. Sandy beaches and lots of sea birds in the middle of nesting were the main themes of a sunny stay. So to lift our minds from the northern darkness, here are some Canadian geese and some close-ups of the beaches.

Cute Canon: Super-Small PowerShot N Camera

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to stop buying things–minimize! But this cute small camera is so minimalistic in design, that I’m almost tempted. Almost. So if you did not make such an anti-consumeristic resolution, I’d heartily recommend you to consider this nifty camera. Small, hardly any (visible) buttons but a tiltable touch screen. And a screen that tilts and swivels is one of the features I like best on my own DSLR.

With Canon’s name on it, this 12 M-pixel camera can’t be a lemon. You will want this in your pocket–and take it out often, not just for taking pictures but also to look at it 😉 Too bad I’m not going to buy it…

Canon Announces the Super-Small PowerShot N Camera | Fstoppers.

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-08 om 08.31.33

Weekend Wallpaper: Iceland beach

Rummaging through old photos (a nice passtime on gray weekend days) I discovered that I never shared any of my Iceland trip pictures! It was just a short visit, in the summer of 2011. In fact, just a two-day trip after the end of a conference I attended there. Too short to say that I’ve seen Iceland, but long enough to get the feeling that it is a country where you must become a geologist, a biologist, a storyteller–or a photographer. And a country where it is better to be a visiting photographer than to be living in (sorry, Icelandic readers!) because the Icelandic idea of summer is too close to winter for me: not too cold but with the constant wind it did not feel pleasant!

Anyhow. The pebble beaches of Londrangar and Djupalonssandur (if you teleport to this location, you’re not far off, just drive west for some time) provided subjects for typical wallpaper pictures at every square meter. And think of the sound of those pebbles rolling with every wave that breaks on the beach!

Typical wallpaper picture for me means: not too distracting but enough matter of interest to catch your gaze in between, for instance when you’re switching from one app to the other or when you’re waiting for inspiration ;-). They must be simple but not boring, with a little something that breaks the (random) pattern–what I like to call in one word ‘sinplicity‘: simplicity with a little sniff of ‘sin’ to make it interesting.

As always: you’re welcome to click on the photos and download the original, larger version for your pleasure. Enjoy, and keep you life sinple!

My blogging: 2012 in WordPress’s review

Fun to see last year’s stats on my photography blog, though it’s easy to see an additional New Year’s resolution here: I can do better than that!
So: see you soon again!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,700 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Hip to be square

A suggestion worth considering: don’t be afraid to play with your pictures afterwards, on your computer. Try and put them in square format, for instance. It may make a whole lot of difference! Good tip from the Facebook-page of photographer Dan Lindberg

And the title comes from a pop song by Huey Lewis & the News, of course 😉Image

Tilt, shift, click!

Tilt-shift lenses are ideal for getting straight-lined architecture pictures, but also for creative playing with the plane of focus and depth-of-field. Normally, they are very expensive objectives, but price-breaker Samyang is about to release a tilt-shift-lens (Samyang T-S 24mm f/3.5 ED AS USM), rumoured to cost around $ 1,1000 (€ 900?). Hope it does not only come in the Nikon and Canon versions, but for Sony too. I’d put it on my wish list immediately!
The news is from the website FStoppers, who also give a picture of the new lens.

Wallpaper Wednesday: Warm views from the desert

Some days off–time to post some wallpapers. Made a year ago, on a day tour into the desert around Abu Dhabi. Feel free to download and enjoy while waiting for inspiration at your computer screen.

New release: Lightroom 4.3

Today (hey, for once I’m not very late in discovering it!) Adobe released Lightroom 4.3.

Daniel Etherington, who tested the beta version, mentions a number of new features in his blog:

* Support for Apples Retina high-res display.
* addition of a couple new Apple hardware profiles for Adobe’s automatic lens correction tools. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are now available as options, which Lightroom should autodetect once you enable them.
* plenty of other new lens profiles (especially Canon and Leica lenses).
* new camera RAW support, including Canon’s just-released full-frame EOS 6D and the company’s celebrated pocket shooter, the PowerShot S110. Nikon’s 1 V2 mirrorless is also newly added, along with the D5200 and Sony’s full-frame compact fixed lens monster, the DSC-RX1.

Etherington’s verdict: “Developing photos in Lightroom 4.3 on either of Apple’s new Retina MacBook Pros is now a much more pleasant experience”.

Well, the download has completed; let’s go and try out if I get a “much more pleasant experience” on my old Mac, too… 😉

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