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Wednesday Wallpaper: Winter and Spring, Mixed-Up World

Nature is amazing, and it takes little addition from a photographer to record it. The amazement is about the very late spate of winter when spring ought to be getting on. This Hazel shrub shows how it’s a mixed-up world now: catkins covered in snow! All the photographer does, is wait for a sprinkle of sun in between the clouds to add a little to the photo. Luckily I did not have to wait long in the cold 😉

And who sang ‘mixed-up world’ again? Wikipedia gives the answer: Sophie Ellis-Baxtor, 11 years ago!

Hazel in a mixed-up world

Hazel in a mixed-up world


Weekend wallpapers: Lighter side of winter

In the part of the world where I live, winter is mostly dreary: cloudy days, with temperatures just above freezing, rain, chilly wind. A few weeks of snow cover (a few centimetres deep) are promised to us by the climate statistics, but in subjective experience it’s much rarer than that. And especially rare are days like this weekend, when a few flakes of snow fall on a windless day. A good occasion to rediscover the beauty of one’s own backyard dressed in a very picturesque cover.