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Photo of the Year

Winners World Press Photo 2013 :: nrc.nl

The winners of the best press photos of last year were announced today. Overall winner was Paul Hansen with a picture of a funeral in Gaza: two kids, killed in a rocket attack, are carried by men whose faces express terrible grief–and anger. Together with the almost haunting light, the atmosphere of the picture is very intense.

The light effect sets this picture apart for me. Of course, being a press photo, there is no elaborate studio lighting to create such an effect. If I see it right, the photographer made smart use of light falling through a (broken, or newly-built?) window on the left, while the grey concrete wall on the right helped light up the dark side, acting as a reflection screen. To see that light, while walking backwards, almost with your nose and your wide-angle lens in the faces of crying, angry men and–even worse–dead children!

Of course, the rest of the winners in the different categories are also worth looking at. You can see them here (captions in Dutch–sorry, folks!):
Winnaars World Press Photo 2013 :: nrc.nl.

But this overall winner will stay in my mind for a long time, I fear.


Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

When did they announce the winner of this competition? How long has this already been on the net? Anyway: great pictures to browse–although it takes a bit of clicking to get to them…


Meanwhile back home … World Press Photo exhibition in "my" office building

The World Press Photo exhibition tours around and comes to “my” office building just while I’m away. It’s not fair! Still, you readers might be able to go there. Info in Dutch:De World Press Photo tentoonstelling vindt plaats op de campus van de Universiteit Twente in het atrium van gebouw Ravelijn. Entreeprijs voor bezoekers: € 7,50 en voor medewerkers en studenten van de UT € 5,-. Openingstijden: ma t/m vr 10:00 – 18:00 en za & zo 10:00 – 17:00.Kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar aan de kassa in Ravelijn.

End of 2008 — happy 2009!

At the turn of the year, let me start a new tradition–although everyone in world media does something similar: I nominate my ‘Photo of the Year’. In 2008, that was quite easy: it is Louis’ photo of an escalator that won the regional photo competition, totally unexpected!

Thank you all (in ever greater numbers!) for passing by on this blog-site in 2008! For the rest, all I want to say now is: Happy new year– and many nice pictures for/by all of you!