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Wallpaper Wednesday: Koyasan again

Oops, almost forgot again that it was Wallpaper Wednesday. Here are some more of my favourite wallpapers from Koyasan, the little town in Japan full of Buddhist temples and with the immense graveyard Okunoin.


Wallpaper Wednesday: autumn leaves and gravestones from Japan

Doesn’t the play of autumn colours on maple leaves remain fascinating? To me it does, so I upload a few more. On a different theme, for those who want a more subdued type of desktop pictures, I also put in a few pictures made at the Okunoin Buddhist graveyard at Koyasan.

Wallpaper Wednesday: First time looking back

Returned home from Japan, I still have a load of wallpaper pictures to choose from… Here are some I like for this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday.

Wednesday Wallpapers: Water in Japan

Swimming pools can lead to all kinds of pictures; these three wallpaper format photos are not your usual poolside pictures. One shows unusual customers: aren’t cats supposed to shun water? Another has an unusual view, namely a torii (shinto shrine gate) mirrored in the water. The third one is also a sort of unusual view: some poor bugger or voyeur pried the fence around a swimming pool open to take a peek at the pool–no-one to be seen when my camera followed his bad example 😉

Weekend Wallpapers: Koyasan impressions, part 2

More wallpaper pictures from Koyasan, the pretty temple town in Japan.

Wednesday Wallpapers: first impressions from Koyasan

This Wednesday’s wallpapers come from Koyasan, a small but remarkable town in Japan. Many towns call themselves ‘the Kyoto of this-or-that region’ if they have a little more than average old houses and temples. Koyasan is an über-Kyoto, with 117 Shingon-Buddhist temples in a small town.

There is much more to say about the town, but that I leave to the specialist websites. Let me just share some of my first impressions–more to come when I have had time to sift through them all and do some post-processing. I definitely need to learn how to keep my camera horizontal, for instance…

Wednesday Wallpapers: Japanese temple in autumn

At the Buttsuji temple between Hiroshima and Fukuyama I took even more pictures of autumn colours–I think I have enough pictures of Japanese maple leaves to last for a lifetime! Well, probably next year I’ll succumb to the temptation of the gorgeous colours again (though, alas! not physically in Japan myself then). Details of the temple showing signs of its aging go well with the autumn spirit, I think.

Weekend Wallpapers: Japanese autumn continued

Before I go out today to take more photos, here are some of yesterday’s pictures that looked like good wallpapers to me. Free to download, of course!

Wednesday Wallpapers: Kusatsu hot springs

Wallpaper Wednesday this time is on hot springs. Japan being a vulcanic region, hot springs abound, to the joy of people who like very hot baths. Kusatsu is one of the hot spring resorts, and here are some moody pictures of steam arising, of the (not very deeply) sleeping volcano Mount Shirane, and for repose one of a peaceful part of a develish stream with autumn leaves.

Weekend wallpapers: Autumn colours in Japan

Irresistible autumn-coloured leaves in Japanese parks and forests make me so enthusiastic, that I happily share an extra dose of wallpaper-ready pictures.