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Quick read: 5 areas where cameras still beat smartphones in photography | Digital Trends

Is it not amazing that we have to “defend” using a real camera against smartphone pictures? Smartphones are getting ever more competitive against the simple, compact ‘point-and-click’ cameras, though! How many decades until the DSLR is threatened?
Be careful, though, when making a bet on this one: were we not surprised at how fast the digital SLR made the analog SLR obsolete? I was, to be honest.

5 areas where cameras still beat smartphones in photography | Digital Trends.


New release: Lightroom 4.3

Today (hey, for once I’m not very late in discovering it!) Adobe released Lightroom 4.3.

Daniel Etherington, who tested the beta version, mentions a number of new features in his blog:

* Support for Apples Retina high-res display.
* addition of a couple new Apple hardware profiles for Adobe’s automatic lens correction tools. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are now available as options, which Lightroom should autodetect once you enable them.
* plenty of other new lens profiles (especially Canon and Leica lenses).
* new camera RAW support, including Canon’s just-released full-frame EOS 6D and the company’s celebrated pocket shooter, the PowerShot S110. Nikon’s 1 V2 mirrorless is also newly added, along with the D5200 and Sony’s full-frame compact fixed lens monster, the DSC-RX1.

Etherington’s verdict: “Developing photos in Lightroom 4.3 on either of Apple’s new Retina MacBook Pros is now a much more pleasant experience”.

Well, the download has completed; let’s go and try out if I get a “much more pleasant experience” on my old Mac, too… 😉

Paris airport architectural detail in black-and-white

Photography is about a two-dimensional composition. It is made up of lines and areas. Especially in pictures of architectural details, colours can be distracting from the beauty of the lines, the sharp designs. So with a little post-processing, these simple pictures of the Charles de Gaulle airport, made with an iPhone, were transformed into a play of black-and-white.

Besides, taking pictures was a great way to break the boredom of waiting for a connecting flight. The world is our playground; let’s use it!