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Cute Canon: Super-Small PowerShot N Camera

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to stop buying things–minimize! But this cute small camera is so minimalistic in design, that I’m almost tempted. Almost. So if you did not make such an anti-consumeristic resolution, I’d heartily recommend you to consider this nifty camera. Small, hardly any (visible) buttons but a tiltable touch screen. And a screen that tilts and swivels is one of the features I like best on my own DSLR.

With Canon’s name on it, this 12 M-pixel camera can’t be a lemon. You will want this in your pocket–and take it out often, not just for taking pictures but also to look at it 😉 Too bad I’m not going to buy it…

Canon Announces the Super-Small PowerShot N Camera | Fstoppers.

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