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Volcano sighted

The PUMA team in the Volvo Ocean Race may not have the best of luck, as their mast was broken, but they do seem to have the best of photographers on board. The team’s ‘media man’, Amory Ross, was featured in this blog before, and now he makes it again with a gorgeously simple photo of the volcano of Tristan de Cunha amid bands of clouds. The lonely island is the unplanned stop for the boat, from where it will be transported to Capetown for repair.

Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012 | Golf and lobster on cards as PUMA reach Tristan.

The whole photograph is composed of horizontal bands in shades of blue with a hint of purple due to the setting sun: sea, clouds and sky. Only the volcano breaks the horizontals with its cone, drifting–it seems–on a band of clouds and all but touching the next band. To add to the peacefulness and harmony of the picture, the volcano is balanced, right in the middle of the photo.

A seascape picture (almost) as Mondrian could have painted it.


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