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Poetry in math

The phrase ‘poetry in motion’ may be well-known, but I find that a building like this is ‘poetry in math’. The sweeping, flowing lines of the spirals give the impression of a building without weight, as if it might just take off at the slightest whim. Yet you know that the Spiral Tower in Nagoya (Japan) is a highrise of 170 metres and 36 stories. According to Wikipedia it is ‘an  educational facility … home to three vocational schools: Nagoya Mode Gakuen, HAL Nagoya and Nagoya Isen.’

Moreover, there is a reason for the tall central pillar and the wings literally hanging from it: it is a new technique to minimise earthquake sensitivity. But making those wings into a spiral is an architectural inspiration. It kept me trying to catch the lines and lightness of this colossus.


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