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Hipstamatic: a toy that needs a vision

There are just so many apps available for taking pictures on the iPhone that one does not easily know what to choose, although a little googling will give you lots of lists with peoples’ favourites. Hipstamatic is sure to turn up as one of them. So I downloaded it a while ago, but I must admit that I have not really often found a good way for using it.

It is a nice toy, but you really have to take a different look at taking pictures. I find that difficult. My vision is more ‘traditional’, most of the time. I want to take pictures that are sharp (selectively), well-exposed (for the purpose), etc. The creativity is in finding a good perspective, a good composition–and in knowing what the picture should get across to the viewers.

This Hipstamatic game requires a different type of creativity and vision. It is more about colour, mood, and emotional vehicles to get ‘something’ across to the viewers. But I guess that it also leaves more freedom to the viewers–requires more involvement of the viewers as well, though: you as a viewer have to think much more about what this picture with these effects says to you. I’m curious to know if this one says anything to you. Reactions are welcome!


Tokyo escalator through Hipstamatic eyes


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  1. There are a lot of bloggers who have that kind of artsy vision–and who show it. Just stumbled upon this one, for instance: http://wp.me/1AFcq

    2011-10-09 at 09:39