A quest for the ultimate, beautiful, meaningful picture

Night photography

Photography is playing with light. The play evolves to a next level if there is very little light, that is to say: when it is dark. But as long as it is not completely dark, you can get light onto your camera’s sensor. Just give it time!

One of the interesting effects of exposing for a long time, is that streetlights and the like turn into stars–no trick filter needed!Other effects include that moving elements such as clouds and water, turn into milky flows.

And finally, it is much more of a suprise what will come out of the camera, once you see it on your computer screen: how much have clouds moved? Which light reflections appear where?The effects of moving clouds and water are present but not very strong in my picture that goes with this post. The streetlights are conspicuous stars, though.

The picture is of ‘Spectacles Bridge’, the oldest stone bridge in Japan, in Nagasaki.


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