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Binary binocular: Sony introduces digital binoculars

What do you get when camera engineers, used to photo and video, take binoculars apart and re-assemble them using their digital technology? Sony shows what that looks like: binoculars of amazing specifications! Electronic viewing (it really seems the way of the future!); close-up (from 1 cm?!) and far away; a kind of camcorder (3D, if you like that, though with limited magnification), using the same sensors and chips that you’ll find in your camera. Quite a neat innovation!

Not really affordable for casual bird spotters and they look a bit bulky in the hands of the guy holding them in one of the last pictures in the link below. Those are the downsides, at first sigth. Yet it seems an exciting new take at a forgotten part of optical technology. Swarovski, Leica and other top bincular brands will have to gear up!

The link is to a Dutch preview: dSLR.nl : Sony introduceert de DEV-3 en DEV-5 digitale verrekijkers

Now what if you’d make a link to a good computer screen, or your 3D tv set (tethering, like with DSLRs), instead of the mini electronic-viewfinders built into these binoculars? It’s not quite as portable as binoculars–which is of course the main raison d’être of binoculars–but might it not make a great family (3D) view of the birds feeding in your garden in the winter? Beats boring tv series during Christmas holidays if you ask me.


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