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Traces of thirst

The picture is not great at all, but I find the story irresistible: a carrier pigeon crash landed on our terrace. Hearing its wings thump and scrape on the stones was the first thing I noticed. The pigeon got on it’s feet and tried to drink from the pond that borders the terrace. But with the drought, the water level was too low and try as it might, the pigeon could not bend deep enough to get it’s beak into the water. After a few tries it made a desperate decision and dived right into the pond. Its head was drowned completely, wings spread out made sure it swam. After five long seconds of gulping water to quench its thirst, the pigeon got its head out of the water, flapped it’s wings a few times and flew off again, on its way–no doubt–to race home. Only the traces of the dust of its feathers was left on the water. And that’s when I finally got my phone’s camera out to document this story of a dry spring.

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