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Other autumn pictures

My autumn depression is not as bad as yesterday’s entry suggested: I may not have autumn colour photos, but the other typical autumn subject in nature is present in my photo collection: mushrooms and toadstools. Though I don’t know the difference between the two. My dictionary says mushrooms are the edible kinds, toadstool the poisonous ones–never mind, I’m not going to collect any; two-thirds of the species in the Netherlands are on the Red List of endangered species. You can enjoy their beauty by watching–and photographing of course!

The photo, made in Holland a few autumns ago, may be of a mushroom called Oudemansiella mucida (synonym: Collybia mucida, teaches the Dutch part of the Wikipedia). I made a close-up with selective sharpness (f/4.0) to emphasise the fragility and the subtle colour; not for nothing the Dutch name would translate as ‘china/porcelain mushroom’.

One thing had to be retouched, I admit: there was a bit of cobweb hanging from the hood which I clone-stamped away in Lightroom (who needs Photoshop?). Forgotten to ‘look around’ my subject when I took the picture! But if I hadn’t told you, you would not have known, would you? If you find the spot where this photo was retouched, you earn a bottle of wine. Come and get it! 😉


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