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One in a million

There are about 1 million active weblogs around on this planet. Or a bit more: 1.5 million, in fact. That’s a guess (as Katie Melua sang about the size of the universe), calculated from Technorati’s claim that from 133 million blogs (end of 2008) 1.1% had been updated in the week before their survey. So there is way less than one in a million chance of your finding this blog of mine–taking things purely statistically.
(Statistics from NRC Handelsblad of 2009-09-16.)

I’ll keep going though, hoping that you’ll find this place for non-random reasons!

So just for your pleasure, a random photo on my blog’s theme. Here are two Greek beauties from the national history museum in Athens–showing that beauty is timeless, even though different across time 😉


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