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Every so often… you just have to take that picture

“Every so often, you turn a corner and there it is–a great photograph.” That is how Guardian photographer Eamonn McCabe summarised his fascination with (black & white) photography. He felt inspired by a book of the same title, Every so often, by another photographer, Raymond Moore. It’s a matter of (quoting McCabe’s column in August’s Black+White Photography again): “just enjoying the process of looking”. I agree, and whished I had a camera built into my eyes: you just click your fingers (that is an allusion to a recent song by Daniel Lohues, of course) and then it’s stored in your memory. So even when I don’t have a good camera with me, sometimes I just have to take that photograph–as this one, in the streets of Athens, in 2007. What did that junk do in the street? Why is the passer-by looking at it, or beyond it through the window? Never mind the technically bad quality of the photo, use that little old compact (as in this case) or even your phone’s camera. Point and shoot–to keep wondering whenever you see the picture again about a moment you otherwise would have forgotten.


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