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John, Yoko and Archiving

A 15-year student, wanting to become a photographer, forged a press card to get into the famous bed-in press session of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the Amsterdam Hilton hotel, in 1969. Govert de Roos, who went on to become a professional glamour photographer, was quoted in my newspaper magazine “M” saying that het was so nervous that after shooting one roll, he sneaked out for fear of being found out. One of his photos was published, but the others were lost. Until, that is, De Roos’s daughter found the sheet with the negatives back, almost 40 years later–mislaid among family pictures. The 40-year anniversary of the bed-in (and finding back the photos) was the occasion for an exhibition.
Lesson for us, 21st century digital photographers: use keywords to archive your pictures! And do it as soon as you upload from your camera to your computer…


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