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Winter in Holland

Winter in Holland, so if I’m not skating (and I have to admit to not being a great skater at all), I ought to be taking pictures of the landscape under its pristine white snowcover or with the white frost on the trees. I did, a little–work and quite simply the comfort of a warm house kept me from doing my photographic duty to more than a minimum degree. Hope you like this one of a some small garden trees with white frost in backlight. Besides, I hope to add some more to this blog and to the camera club’s website in the next few days.

Well, just a quick one more: skaters in Friesland. I had previsioned this one as a black-and-white picture, but the cold blue of the ice and the little hint of green in the grass in the background do add to it! It is good to have the flexibility of choosing between black-and-white or colour in the postprocessing!


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