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Where is Frans Lanting when you need him?

In rushed my wife: “A bird of prey caught a dove!” Oh, where is Frans Lanting (or any other nature photographer) when you need one? Rushed out of the study behind her, camera in one hand, memory card in the other (I had just imported some pics into the PC) and switching the camera to Sports mode at the same time. I usually hate those pre-cooked modes, but now it came in handy: ISO 800, fast-shutter time preference, hi-speed (5 frames/second) drive setting. Not that we saw much of the sparrowhawk, because he (it was a young male) found a spot to devour his prey in a secluded corner of the garden and we did not want to go out and disturb him. So photos had to be made from behind the window. The trees and other growth made manual focusing necessary and that was not easy I must admit. How do the Frans Lantings of this world do that? I admire them increasingly. By the way, I mentioned Frans Lanting because he once published this book ‘Eye to Eye’ (sold out now, there’s just a postcard-book at Amazon and a special portfolio at Taschen), and the eyes are the most catching part of my photo too, I think (the rest is sub-zero quality—don’t mention it!).


3 responses

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for your response!

    2008-12-23 at 01:49

  2. DFW

    Dear anonymous, No doubt you are right. The Dutch version of the Penguin book is not (yet) available; the English one is. Frans Lanting sells it through his own website (sorry that I forgot to mention it in the post itself): http://www.lanting.com/.

    2008-12-22 at 23:06

  3. Anonymous

    the only that I know is that Penguin by Lanting is comming to Dutch!

    2008-12-22 at 03:24