A quest for the ultimate, beautiful, meaningful picture


Stairways again, and cupolas–fascinating elements of architecture. This was taken in Haarlem, two weeks ago. Just too bad that my mobile phone’s camera is so bad. The (too vivid) colours may work nicely here, but that is the only positive thing about this photo, I fear. Must go back with a really good camera + lens–if I ever find the time…


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  1. Voor een foto gemaakt door je mobiel is hij erg goed gelukt. terug gaan is zeker een aanrader prachtig.

    2009-01-04 at 02:48

  2. DFW

    Surprising that of all my photos, this one should be the first to make it to the cover of a report written by some of my closest colleagues. It happened to be the first photo I thought of when Mr. V. asked me. ‘Was this the type of thing he was looking for?’, I asked. And instead of asking me to look for a really good photo of the type, he wanted this one! ‘Satisficing’ is the name for such a choice strategy. But secretly I am a little proud. And it reinforces a point I once made in this blog: ‘it ain’t the meat, it’s the motion’–not the pixels but the impact!

    2008-12-10 at 05:25

  3. this is very nice, i like the colors.Thank you for all your comments

    2008-12-01 at 21:23