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Calibration frustration

To be honest, one reason for concentrating on black-and-white prints (next to the artistic value of which I really am convinced!) was that I found my HP Photosmart Pro to make colour prints too yellowish. Yet at least the family’s holiday pictures should come out in colour, right?

The camera club just bought a Colormunki, to ensure calibration of monitors as well as printers. The salesman all but promised us salvation: this was to be the ideal apparatus for the job. And X-Rite quite kindly allows you to register the Colormunki for the whole camera club, for all its computers! But first results are frustrating: far from perfect colour prints yet! Too much green now, if you’d ask me—there is change, but little improvement. And don’t blame the HP printer—club-colleague Louis has similar problems with his Canon printer. We’ll have to dive deeply into switches, manuals, colour spaces, etc. in the hope to find a solution…

Here’s the photo I was testing with: subtle stone hues—the picture works well in black-and-white, in fact! 😉 To add to the frustration, this 2005 picture (taken in Bordeaux, France) I took to a digital demonstration day of the national photographers’ association, BNAFV, a month or so later, and the guys demonstrating the Epson R1800[?] got a perfect print right from the memory card!

To be continued, I fear…


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  1. DFW

    Second try not better–HP’s own profile is pretty in line with what the monitor shows on my RAW-photos. Fine for the monitor, but then what does the Colormunki do for our prints? How can its outcome be tweaked? Is that necessary?

    2008-12-03 at 22:42