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Alea iacta… Another competition

Not sure if I’m testing myself or the juries, but I just sent in three photos to a national competition, the BNAFV’s first-ever ‘Foto Online’. At first I though I would not do it, expecting thousands of photographers to take part. But a few days ago we got a reminder saying that there were 180 participants. Well, then I could give it a go—basically with the same photos that I submitted for the regional contest less than a month ago. I redid the black-and-white one for which I got the comment that is at too grey and ‘murky’; tried to strengthen the drama and contrast in the air. I still like the picture of this strange building in Almere, and am curious if I’ll get similar comments from this national jury.

The other one from the regional contest that I submitted, was the allium (from our own garden, taken as a test-picture on the first evening that I had my Alpha700), again because I like it and also a little bit because someone in the audience found that it deserved a higher grade.

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  1. lovely shots

    2008-11-29 at 01:55