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Raindrops on a window–a window of opportunity

Filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami published a book with major publisher Gallimard, called Pluie et vent (Rain and wind), filled with photos of one night’s rainstorm. The little note about the book in Air France‘s inflight magazine (Nov. ’08) went accompanied by a photo much like one I saw from Mr. E. in my photoclub, of raindrops on a window pane–his was nicer because he had mini-mirrors of the brick pattern of a wall a few metres behind the wet window. And just for fun, I add some drops from this afternoon’s rainshower on my home window…

It’s just that we amateurs don’t think of turning such pictures into a book. Is seeing such a commercial window of opportunity the difference between amateurs and (successful) artists? (Damien Hirst was mentioned on the same page of the inflight magazine–talking of commercial windows of opportunity…)


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