A quest for the ultimate, beautiful, meaningful picture

Introduction: a picture and reasons

Oh well, why not? Half the world is blogging, let me add my two cents’ worth of wisdom. Is it worth even that much? Until I kow better about that, I’m glad that this is a free service (in exchange for another bit of privacy given up to Brother Google).

Why would I? Because I’d like to share my views and thoughts on photography. They may be kind of oldfashioned or even mainstream, but that is for the reader to decide.

This blog is not about my private and professional lives–although sharing some of my pictures may give more than a little hint of where my work takes me.

Why in English and not in my mother tongue, Dutch? Because I hope to reach more persons than just my immediate family, friends and co-members of my FotoClub. Apologies to them: I support the Dutch language on other occasions!

As part of this justification and ‘credo’, I add to this first one a recent picture about which I’m not dissatisfied: a bit of architecture from Almere, notorious as ‘the ugliest town of the Netherlands’, but it is highly photogenic! A couple of guys from our Fotoclub recently went there to take in the modern architecture; I for my part was inspired by .

What was the inspiration for this one? Sinplicity, I guess: just enough colour in the greys not te be black-and-white, and a mirroring of the clouds to break the straight lines of the architecture.


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